Upcoming Volunteer Orientations & Trainings

















    June 25th







    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM








    You must have completed your volunteer portal application and paperwork to register for a volunteer orientation--please email us at Volunteer@binafarm.org  to confirm your eligibility.

    VOLUNTEER TRAINING 1 - Program 101 & Sidewalker Training


    June 8th






    5:00 PM - 6:00  PM








    You must have attended and successfully completed our Volunteer Orientation to attend this training. Please email us at Volunteer@binafarm.org  with questions and to confirm eligibility.


    VOLUNTEER TRAINING 2 - Groom Training



    June 14th






    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM





    You must have attended our Volunteer Orientation & Training 1 to attend this training. Please email us at Volunteer@binafarm.org to confirm eligibility and register.  

    VOLUNTEER TRAINING 3- Leader Training  


    June 22nd



    5:00 -  6:00 PM



    You must have attended volunteer orientation, training 1 & training 2 to qualify. Please email volunteer@binafarm.org to confirm your eligibility.















    Please email us at Volunteer@binafarm.org to learn about potential advanced trainings in horse handling, grooming/leading/sidewalking in our programming.


    BARN CHORE TRAINING 1: Around the Barns!




    June 10th 


     12:00 - 1:00 PM all dates



    You must have successfully completed the volunteer orientation to attend barn chore training. 

    This training will cover the following topics at our Lexington location:

    Mucking stalls

    Full process of checking, filling and clearing waters with hose and pump

    Meal preparations by filling hay nets

    Review of barn chore resources and task lists

    How to interact with the horses while completing chores safely and effectively, and more!

    Please email volunteer@binafarm.org to confirm eligibility.




    BARN CHORE TRAINING 2: Around the  Paddocks!




    June 24th 




    1:30 - 2:30 PM all dates




    This training will cover the below topics at our Lexington location:


    Feeding grain and hay


    Picking occupied paddocks


    Turn-in and Turn-out procedures


    Blanketing and extra gear

    among others!






    TBD - Check back soon!




    TBD - Check back soon!



    Looking for a one-off commitment or an opportunity for a volunteer under 14? Join us on the farm to help paint our horses' paddocks and tend to our property's needs. 

    Dana Hall School Volunteering Orientation   TBD - check back soon!     TBD - check back soon!     This training will cover the skills you need to volunteer at our Dana Hall location in Wellesley. Horse experience is recommended, but not mandatory.