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    The Teen Ambassador Program (TAP), launched in 2016, offers a novel approach to youth in service. A combination of teamwork skills, education, character building and philanthropy, TAP is truly the new face of teen community service. After a successful six month pilot, BINA began its first official year with a group of dedicated teens ready to immerse themselves in non-profit work. This program has approximately 15 Ambassadors comprised of BINA participants, participants' siblings and volunteers.TAP members range in age from 14-18 years old (8th grade through high school) and commit to a year in the program. 

    The TAP program was established to encourage and nurture future leaders in non-profit and philanthropy endeavors. BINA foresees theTeen Ambassadors as trailblazers who will contribute significantly to the mission of inclusivity and goodwill as they immerse themselves in the community and gain valuable knowledge about the operations of the non-profit sector. BINA's collaboration with the Teen Ambassadors gives BINA a vital teen energy and perspective, and at the same time instills Ambassadors with lifelong leadership skills. The BINA Teen Ambassador Program establishes a model for youth in service and philanthropy.

    For more information on how your teen can apply to TAP for the 2019-2020 year, please contact