Corporate and Community Groups

    BINA encourages area companies and community groups to visit our barn to engage in meaningful community service and learn about our mission. It’s a great opportunity for teams to come together to make a difference, work together in a different way, and enjoy some fresh air and each other. Volunteers provide invaluable assistance to our nonprofit and project needs are ever-changing and plentiful. Service outings can be combined with your traditional corporate outing celebration and/or character education programming, in which we provide eduational programming around different abilities.

    “Getting out of the office with folks throughout all aspects of Black Duck and visiting BINA was exciting in its own right as we all worked together to help out a great organization that is giving back to those in need. And then seeing what an amazing place and group of people that work at BINA and how their focus is on improving the lives of those that they touch each day gave me goosebumps. Truly an inspiring place.” Stephen Gregorio, Former EVP & CFO of Black Duck Software.

    We are currently booking dates for Corporate and Community Groups- please email to schedule your time with BINA!