Vocational Training Programs

    Stable Management 
    This program is designed to create real-world employment opportunities for individuals with special needs, through stable management training in an established therapeutic environment. This program allows BINA to provide an empowering space for individuals with special needs to improve their health and well-being by offering participants hands-on training to take with them into the community, as they pursue a career in the barn/equine industry. Participants will learn needed skills, such as horse feeding and care, barn maintenance, safety, and valuable vocational skills. The barn management experience builds and enhances organizational skills and allows participants to recognize their potential in the workplace. BINA offers this program not only to improve the lives of our participants, but to educate our community on the contributions that persons with different abilities can make.

    Through this program we hope to teach our students about organic gardening and composting. Students will plant, maintain and harvest the herbs, vegetables and flowers they grow. Students can choose to learn to prepare healthy meals using the fresh ingredients they produce.