Physical and Occupational Therapy

    BINA offers Physical and Occupational Therapy using Hippotherapy as a treatment tool. Hippotherapy utilizes specific equine movement to address functional therapy goals as part of a Patient’s integrated rehabilitation plan of care. Equine movement is continually modified during a treatment session based on the Client’s response, individual needs, and rehabilitation progress. The horse’s gait provides rhythmic, symmetric, multi-dimensional and directional movement that can be repeated consistently during a treatment session. Hippotherapy offers organized motor and sensory input that can be modified by the Therapist to help the Patient achieve functional goals. Our Physical and Occupational Therapists treat individuals as young as 2 years old, as well as adults, who have a diagnosis of a neuromuscular disorder, cognitive impairment or sensory processing dysfunction which may be compounded by social and emotional challenges. 

    Please note, unfortunately if you are added to a waitlist, we cannot guarantee a timeline for services. Openings do occur, however, if you require immediate services, you may want to consider looking at other centers to see if they have an opening.

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