Horsemanship Together and HTC

    Horsemanship  Together (Unmounted, no Riding)
    This is a wonderful program that offers individuals from 6+ through teenage-hood who are interested in the field of caring for horses the opportunity to gain hands-on horsemanship experience. They can learn skills such as feeding and watering of the horses, daily maintenance of a barn, cleaning, bedding and care of saddlery. Once they graduate through all of the Horsemanship Together levels, they may be an appropriate candidate for HTC (Horsemanship Together Club) which is a more intensive Horsemanship level and includes Recreational Riding (HTC pending enough participant availability and interest).

    Often our riders want to have more "horse" time and horsemanship lessons are a wonderful way to fulfill that. Children from all backgrounds can benefit from being part of this program. Families, friends and others in the community can participate in this program as well - thereby sharing in the experience. 

    See here for more details.

    Adult Horsemanship Together (Unmounted, no Riding)

    This Fall we welcome our new Adult Horsemanship Together program for horse lovers ages 18+ to join us.  Participants will be assigned their own horse to bond with (when possible) and put into practice the techniques and training of taking care of them from the barn to the paddock. 

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