Healing With Horses

    The focus of this unique Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Horsemanship Program is to utilize Equine-Assisted Therapies and Activities to promote emotional and physical health and healing, teamwork and fellowship among military veterans.  

    The Healing with Horses program uses both mounted and unmounted equine-assisted activites in a safe and peaceful environment. Participants will learn to become competent horsemen and women who are able to safely handle, care for and ride horses. In the process, they will regain confidence, build relationships with animals and humans, and experience the joy and pleasure in an activity that offers so many therapeutic benefits while also improving quality of life.

    Another ongoing goal of this program is to encourage and train participants to return as volunteers and mentors in our programs, both with other veterans and with our students with special needs.

    At BINA Farm Center, we believe it is our responsibility to help our nation's treasured military personnel successfully transition to civilian life. We understand that the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens come at a great cost. We welcome and look for generous donors who want to support this program in order for BINA to offer our Healing with Horses Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship Program to Veterans and active military free of charge (our way of saying "Thank you for your service.").

    Currently, we are looking for a company or donor to support this program in 2023