Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

    Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy incorporates horses within Psychotherapy treatment to help address individualized goals, and improve overall function, health and wellness of the Client. It has the same goals and characteristics as traditional Psychotherapy but incorporates connection with an equine to facilitate progress and healing. 

    EFP may include a wide variety of equine activities such as observing, handling, grooming, leading, lunging, and some mounted work if clinically indicated. Clients do not need to have any previous experiences with horses to participate in EFP sessions. EFP sessions are run by a Licensed, Credentialed Mental Health Professional who is also credentialed as an equine professional. Alternatively, a Licensed, Credentialed Mental Health Professional works along with a Credentialed Equine Professional. 


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    Please Note: At this time, we are unable to see clients in our Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy program. We are able to take your information but do not keep a formal waitlist. If this is a medical emergency, please seek immediate assistance by proceeding to your nearest Emergency Room or dialing 911. You may also text The Crisis Text Line at 741741. We understand that finding help can be difficult and doesn’t always fall into line when someone decides to seek it. We truly regret being unable to assist you at this time.