Sponsor a Horse

    All donations are valued at BINA and sponsoring a horse is a special way to sustain BINA's outstanding care for our equine partners and to ensure we can continue to partially subsidize every therapeutic lesson/session for our participants.

    It costs approximately $25,000 per year for each horse in our program.  We have anywhere from 14-16 horses on our property who need the support of our community.  Each horses's health and happiness is critical to the health and happiness of our participants. 

    Horse Sponsorhips area wonderful way to honor someone you love or you or your child's favorite BINA horse.
    You can sponsor a horse for....

    • one month at $2,085
    • 3 months at $6,250
    • 6 months at $12,500
    • or for a full year at $25,000

    Please note the 3-12 month sponsorships may be paid monthly. If you would like to learn more information about sponsoring a member of our herd please email us at info@binafarm.org or call us at 781-862-5020 and ask for Janice Gilman.