Sponsor a Horse

    All donations are valued at BINA, and sponsoring a horse is a special way to sustain BINA's outstanding care for our special equine partners. Each horse's health and happiness is critical to the health and happiness of our participants.

    It costs approximately $25,000 per year for each horse in our program. Each horse typically provides 10-14 lessons, therapeutic benefits and smiles each week. Horse Sponsorships pay for all the needs that our horses require. Your donation will help to pay for shelter, hay, grain, supplements and medication, hoof care and shoes, and human care for our equine partners.

    Horse Sponsorship is a wonderful way to honor someone you love, or you or your child's favorite
    BINA horse. You can sponsor a horse for one month at $2,085, 3 months at $6,250, 6 months at $12,500, or for a full year at $25,000. The 3 or 6 month, or yearly sponsors may make monthly payments. 
    Click here to make your contributionWe will put a sign bearing your name on the horse’s stall during the duration of your sponsorship, unless you wish to remain anonymous and acknowledge your gift on our website and social media as desired.For more information on sponsoring a horse, please contact us at info@binafarm.org or call us at (781) 862-5020