Caregiver Meet-Ups & Pony Rides


    Who is considered a "caregiver"?

    We at BINA know families and support systems come in all shapes and sizes. The term "caregiver" is our encompassing term for a participant's care team. That can include parents, siblings, grandparents, guardians, friends, teachers, nurses and aides to the individuals we serve. 

    Why Caregiver Programs? 

    BINA believes that inclusive programs are better for our Participants, their family members and those in the community because these type of programs break down societal barriers between people of different abilities. Caregiver Meet Ups allow us to welcome all family members and community members to our property in a fun and inviting way.

    What are the Caregiver Programs? 

    They range from Pony Rides for the Little Ones, Wake Up with the Horses, Picnics at BINA, Meet & Greets with the Horses to name the highlights! Please see our full Caregiver Meet Ups flyer hyperlink here for full details!