Sponsor a Horse

    Sponsoring a horse is a wonderful way to ensure that the BINA Farm Center can continue to offer therapeutic riding lessons to the children in our programs. It costs roughly $14,000 per year for each horse in our program. Individuals can sponsor a horse for one month at $1,250, for 6 months at $7,500, or for a full year at $14,000. Six month or yearly sponsors may make monthly payments. For those who want to contribute even $25.00 towards the care of a horse, we welcome all donation levels. Click here to make your contribution.

    Sponsor-a-Horse donations help to pay for all the needs that our wonderful horses require. Your donation will help to pay for hay, grain, shoes, supplements and medication for our therapy horses. We will put a sign bearing your name next to the horse’s stall during the duration of your sponsorship. You will also be listed on our website and in other materials.

    For more information on sponsoring a horse, please contact us at info@binafarm.org or call our office at (508) 651-2462.